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Our purpose

  • Provide lasting friendships and a sense of purpose amongst our volunteers.

  • ​Provide our visitors with quality education, enjoyment and a place of peace.

  • To uplift the extreme poor of this world via donations to charities.


We all need friends and a purpose in life, don’t we?  
Volunteer with fellow travellers along life’s highway. Listen to the stories of our long term volunteers and be encouraged.  Make new friends and find new purpose for your life.  What better environment to work in than among beautiful butterflies.

2014 Ray to Nov 2 007.JPG
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So much to learn, to enjoy and to feel.  Look through the big glass windows to see how the Breeding Laboratory works.  Listen to our Flight Attendant explain the incredible life cycle of the butterfly.
Feel the anticipation as you move through the special entrance, then marvel at the hundreds of fluttering butterflies. Let some butterfly peace flow into your heart.

Uplift the extreme poor

In our global village, there is an ever-present need to help the extreme poor - families existing on just one meal a day, drinking unsafe water, earning less than $2 a day and unable to break the poverty cycle.  As our charity funding-pool grows, we are also helping some people in the Bribie area who find themselves in extreme circumstances outside of their control. 
We are 100% run by volunteers and 100% of profits go to help the extreme poor.  

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