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Butterfly plants for your garden

Add these nectar plants to your garden to attract more butterflies. Click on the images below to learn more.

NOTE: Some of these plants need to be contained so they do not become a problem for our native species 

Plant care tips

  • ​Plant them as soon as possible to avoid over-watering or under-watering in the pots. 

  • ​Allow plenty of room for your plants to grow to maturity.  Prepare a good sized hole, at least 150mm deeper than the pot your tree is in and at least 500mm wide. 

  • Never dig your hole down into heavy clay soil as it could trap the water and waterlog the roots. After breaking up the topsoil, build up above it if necessary with sandy loam.

  • Add natural fertiliser, or vegetable compost and manure which have been well rotted, in the bottom of the hole. 

  • Preferably do not use a chemical fertiliser when planting your trees. 

  • If using dried or pelleted fowl manure, spread two cupfuls evenly across the bottom of the hole then add 50mm of soil on top.

  • Carefully squeeze the pot to loosen the roots slightly. 

  • Plant the tree at the same level as it was in the container. 

  • Mix a cup of organic manure evenly through the remaining soil. 

  • Press the soil carefully around the plant firmly.  

  • Water thoroughly but do not puddle, as this forces the air out of the soil, compacting it excessively. 

  • Spread a cup of organic manure evenly across the 500mm area around the plant. 

  • Stake the plant if necessary and tie it loosely.

  • Add a 25mm layer of coarse plant mulch on the ground to a diameter of at least 500mm.

Butterflies resting on leaves and flowers
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