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Volunteer roles

If you’re looking for a way to give back to your community and the environment then come join us. We always appreciate the support our volunteers provide to look after our beautiful butterflies, and offer a place for visitors to learn more about these amazing creatures. 


  • Free entry to the Butterfly House for reliable and regular volunteers 

  • Receive free entry passes for friends.

  • Free butterfly attracting plants for your garden

  • Invitations to socials and workshops.

  • Make great friendships

  • Learn new skills

  • Reduce depression

  • Live happier

  • Live healthier

  • Live longer

Volunteering sessions to suit your availability:

  • Monday to Friday, as well as Sundays

  • Our preferred minimum time commitment is 3 ½ hours

  • Morning shift: 9am - 12:30pm

  • Afternoon shift: 12.30pm - 4pm.

Two female gardening volunteers.

Butterfly breeding

  • Assist in the collection of butterfly eggs.

  • Collect caterpillar food. 

  • Learn as you care for the caterpillars.

  • Help hang chrysalises for the new butterflies to emerge safely.

  • Monitor the release of newly emerged butterflies. 

  • Clean and sterilise equipment to prevent disease outbreaks.

  • We also breed leaf insects.

  • Learn how to maintain our hydroponic system that feeds humans and caterpillars.

  • Gardening, weeding and watering garden areas outside the Butterfly House.

  • Check and maintain irrigation.

  • Prune plants and remove old flowers to encourage more profuse blooming for nectar.

  • Recognise and remove insect pests. 

  • Plant propagation.

  • Learn to identity butterfly host plants.

  • Prepare plants for sale in our nursery.

  • Maintain the attractive appearance of gardens, paths, feeding stations and other features.

  • Gardening, weeding and watering garden areas outside the Butterfly House.

  • Meet and greet visitors to provide a great experience inside the Butterfly House. 

  • Educate visitors about the life cycle of our butterflies.

  • Show visitors butterflies laying eggs, feeding, mating etc.

  • Educate visitors about butterfly host plants.

  • Introduce our visitors to Stick Insect Island.

Hydroponics gardeners


Tour Guides & Butterfly House Attendants

  • You can help at home by growing and preparing healthy food plants for the hungry caterpillars in our Breeding Laboratory. 

  • By helping in this way, you will become a serious partner in this wonderful environmental and humanitarian project.

  • Friendly, efficient volunteers needed for customer care, ticket and merchandise sales, answering phone and general enquiries, coach bookings, data entry, filing, marketing etc.

  • Irrigation, electrical, machinery and general maintenance.

  • Help maintain the Butterfly House, laboratory, nursery, hydroponic areas and water features.

  • Other areas you may be able to help include social media, research, general cleaning, HR, rosters, children’s education, tea and coffee help etc.

  • We’d love to hear about your expertise and how you may be able to help.

Plant foster carers

Front office assistants

Maintenance operators


Volunteer requirements

There is a two month training and probation period for volunteers to give you time to understand the skills and requirements of your volunteer tasks. 

These roles are based on Bribie Island, Queensland, and we recommend volunteers live within a 45 minute drive from the Butterfly House.

Volunteer Form
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